Tilley Hat Review

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Classic Tilley Adventure Hat

Classic Tilley Adventure Hat

Since 1980 Alex Tilley has been making some of the worlds best hats for hiking, sailing and other outdoor sports. Tilley Endurables officially started selling from Toronto Canada in 1983, and ever since their hats have been revered the world over. These hats don’t shrink when they get wet, they won’t blow off easily and they float in case they do end up in the drink.

I’ve owned my Tilley hat for over four years now and it looks practically new! I’ve never washed it and it’s been folded, rolled, and stuffed on more than one camping trip. What’s even greater is that Tilley backs all of their hats with a lifetime warranty and free replacement if it is lost. I know I’ve gotten my $70 use out and if something ever did happen I’d just buy another one but it’s great having that kind of backing and guarantee.

As shown in the video review below, the Tilley Outdoor Adventure hat is light tan in color, comes with a chin and back of head lace for securing and features a soft velvet liner that functions like a sweatband and won’t irritate your skin. Inside there is a pocket for securing the lace and for those who like it Aussie-style the lace can be flipped out to hold up the sides of the hat. I can’t say enough about this hat. Sure, it’s expensive… definitely more than the other contenders, but it looks great and it lasts.

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  1. Ben Brophy

    great review. I have the LT1B Bucket Hat and love it, I use it as a rain hat or a sun hat. I actually lost my first one in mexico and took advantage of their replacement discount, great people their at Tilley, too.