Woodgas Camp Stove Review

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Woodgas camping stove XL and LE

Woodgas camping stove XL and LE

Camping and backpacking stoves have come a long way in recent years. It wasn’t too long ago that gas lines would flare up or refuse to burn altogether from clogging. These days gas stoves are much more reliable, lightweight and affordable, ranging in price from $20 for a basic model all the way up to $300 for light weight titanium stove.

It used to be that stoves were divided into two categories by their fuel types, compressed gas or liquid gas. Compressed gas are usually more stable, reliable and light weight but liquid natural gas are more environmentally friendly and affordable. Now there’s a third category that’s worth checking out if you are going somewhere relatively dry with combustible foliage along the way, the woodgas stove.

Woodgas stoves are akin to traditional camp fires, completely removing the gas component. They use fuel from the surrounding trail and are designed to provide ultra hot, reliable heat for the same applications as a gas stove in a similar compact size and weight. These stoves significantly cut down on energy and waste use by eliminating the need to collect, package, ship and market gas products. They achieve high temperatures by using a blast furnace design, forcing air across wood chips or other fuel collected at the campsite to create consistent heat. These stoves do rely on an external battery to power the blast fan but this one has an optional solar panel which charges the battery to make it even more sustainable.

While woodgas stoves aren’t as durable in certain situations or well adept for long treks in wet or snowy locales, they are great for basic hikes in and around wooded areas and they are price competitive. Our sister site Biomass Authority recently published a review of the Wood-Gas campstove by iENERGY shown in the pictures here so jump on over and check it out!

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  1. Jonathan Pratt

    It has been a pleasure seeing so many people experience the joy of cooking with woodgas camp stoves. This superior biomass cooking technology developed by Dr. Tom Reed has been proven and enjoyed by thousands of Woodgas enthusiasts throughout the world over the course of the last 3 years.

    • EvanDeGroot

      One thing I like about the Spenton Woodgas campstoves, is the less soot they put out. They will still make your pots black, but with the fan they are much more efficient. You do have the bother of carrying the batteries, but I think the efficiency makes up for it. Eventually, you may not need batteries for these woodgas stoves. Some folks are working on producing the electricity needed to run the fan through Thermo-electrics. It may even be possible some day to have enough extra electricity to charge a flashlight or cell phone!

      Spenton also has a new product out called the WoodGas Fireplace. This much larger unit can be enjoyed on your deck, at your cabin, or for RV Camping. I fuel mine with split 2 by 4 scrap chunks I get from my local lumber yard, and spent many a pleasant summer evening roasting marshmallows over it. I even plan on boiling down Maple Syrup this spring.

      Of course I may be a little biased as I sell Spenton Wood Gas Products on Amazon.com and my website: www.evansoutdoorstore.com